Google Calendar annoyances

I mostly like Google Calendar because I don’t need much help with scheduling. But there are a few minor annoyances…

  1. There’s no “Next available time” button that finds a convenient open time on multiple people’s calendars to schedule an event.
  2. When sharing a calendar, you can’t type in a group name from your contact list. I’d like my family to see my schedule, and work mates to see my free/busy time only.
  3. Using Quick Add, if I say “Meeting in LA on 3/10” it changes the title to “Meeting in LA” because it puts the date in the “When” field. But since it also correctly puts the location in the “Where” field, I’d prefer it change the title to just “Meeting”.
  4. If I schedule a meeting within Gmail and the other person adds a comment, I won’t see the comment or get an indicator in Gmail. Instead, the comment is buried inside the meeting details.
  5. If I search for a multi-day event, it lists every single day. For example, if I’m at Conference X for a week then the search would return 5 separate entries for this. I’d rather see one entry that says it lasts 5 days.

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