XO Laptop

I finally got my XO laptop from the OLPC Foundation last week. My first impressions are mixed. The laptop is an inch less wide than a Lenovo X60 and the same weight. The keyboard is unusably small, even for my girlishly thin fingers. The screen is nice, but the reflective gray scale screen requires more ambient light than the Kindle. The WiFi is great. As for the applications, I cannot imagine many children using these programs without being directed by well-trained teachers, which are in desperately short supply in developing countries. Most of these apps are what nerdy adults wish they could have had when they were kids. [the XO shut off suddenly here!] For personal use, the Asus Eee PCs are a better deal, particularly because it has a normal sized keyboard. On the other hand, the XO can be used as an ebook reader. It’s still just a toy, though.


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