Xubuntu on Sony Z505

I finally got Xubuntu 8.04 running on a 10 year old Sony Z505RX laptop using the instructions found here and here. It runs OK on the laptop’s meager 128MB RAM and Pentium II processor. Unfortunately, there’s a weird high-pitched tone (capacitor buzz?), but it goes away when I stick a Wifi card in the slot. It is usable, but it takes a very long time to run updates or compile anything. Maybe it’ll run better on my XO laptop.



  1. Henry

    Hi, I also have an old Sony Z505JE just sitting in storage, and thinking to install linux on it, probably Xubuntu. However, I don’t have the pcicma cdrom drive, is there anyway to work around it for the installation part?

  2. Rinux

    Hi, I’m actually trying to install linux on an old Sony R505RX laptop right now. I hope you still remember it? The laptop has a pcmcia interface Sony PCGA-CD51 CDROM. I downloaded xubuntu-8.04.1-desktop-i386.iso and booted from it. I believe I’m suppose to type “linux ide2=0x180,0x386” at some screen but the first screen I get is one window where I am suppose to choose the language, then I get a screen with the options: Try Xubuntu without any change to your computer, Install Xubuntu, Check CD for defects, Test memory, Boot from first hard disk. Where do I enter that string at? I tried different places but nothing works.

    Whenever I try to Install Xubuntu, the installer eventually kicks me out to a (initramfs) prompt. Thanks for any help!

    • Pinku

      On the main install screen, there should be a way to go to alternative installation modes. Maybe F4? Then there should be a text box where you can type that line in.

      • Rinux

        Thanks, I was using the wrong version of Xubuntu. I had been using the Desktop version but it turns out I needed to download the Alternate version, xubuntu-8.04.1-alternate-i386.iso, I guess since it only has 128MB of RAM I need that version.

        Surprising Xubuntu installs correctly by using the default install without changing anything. I did notice though it doesn’t powerdown all the way when I do the shutdown.

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