SysAdmin with AI Planning tools

I hate doing system administration because I can’t remember any of the obscure tools or options required to accomplish any tasks. What I need is a tool that can diagnose my computer and automatically perform a sequence of actions to fix my problem. This should be a simple problem for an AI planner. I need to gather information about the computer and add it to the planner’s memory as an initial world state. Then I need a library of if-then STRIPS-style actions that can execute some command to move my computer closer to the goal state (and undo it if it fails). This sounds difficult, so for now I can just model the environment by encoding the initial state by hand and printing actions out (e.g. “1) run netstat. 2) run ifconfig”). Someone must have done this before, but I can’t find anything. It is interesting to note that package management tools (apt, rpm) are (I think) ad-hoc, vastly simplified planners. [edit: this guy used Debian’s package management system to solve Sudoku puzzles.]


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