Orbitz is screwing their customers

[ed: An Orbitz rep says they don’t have the capability to tweak prices in this way. It’s probably a mistake, but others have seen this happen too.]

Someone told me a few months ago that Orbitz will detect and raise prices for some customers. It didn’t occur to me to check this until last night. I found a good deal on Orbitz for a hotel+car package, but looked around the web for better deals. After a few minutes, I reran the search on Orbitz and the same deal came up $200 more expensive. I fired up IE’s InPrivate browser and tried again. Now the original, cheaper price showed up. I reran the search in a previous browser and still got the $200 extra charge. Because I lack an MBA, I don’t understand how screwing your frequent customers is a good business tactic. I’ll be searching Orbitz and other travel sites using InPrivate or InFilter mode from now on because I don’t trust their prices anymore. If more people find out about this, people will lose trust in Orbitz and use it less frequently. I suggest people use a different browser or computer to verify that you aren’t getting screwed on prices, particularly package deals.


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  2. Willie

    Orbitz confirmed a hotel on my vacation last week. When I showed up, the hotel said they have never have worked with Orbitz. Orbitz took 1.5 hrs of my time to figure out that I needed to rebook at a different hotel.

    The Orbitz lady said I should look around for another hotel. I informed her that I booked through Orbitz because Im not a travel agent. She then checked Orbitz herself and said she couldn’t find much. I checked Orbitz and said I was staring at two hotels. She then listed exactly what i was looking at.

    They gave me $30 off a future Orbitz ripoff for my time. Orbitz will not save you a headache on your travel, so dont delude yourself into thinking this like I did. TLC my @$$.

  3. Steve

    I’m from Orbitz, and wondered if you would contact me regarding your experience. This not functionality that we have put in place and we would like to understand more clearly what happened.

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