NYTimes to erect paywall

The NYTimes has finally decided to move to a subscription model for their website, modeled on the Financial Times. This article does not mention an interesting nugget that was in the memo to the NYTimes staff: “There has also been much speculation in the media and elsewhere about whether The Times will join a consortium as part of the metered model implementation plan. At this stage, our plan is to introduce the metered model as a stand-alone product. At the same time, we continue to discuss alternatives with a broad range of prospective collaborators with regard to bundled offers and other aggregation opportunities.” As I suggested earlier, more sites should join a potential NYTimes consortium. For example, I can see The New Yorker, The Atlantic Monthly, and other magazines that appeal to that customer segment easily joining a consortium. That makes a subscription more appealing and kicks a few extra bucks to those magazines, too. Now all they need to do is implement my suggestion for a slimmer dead tree version, preferably a competitor to USA Today.


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