Apple stifles PL innovation

Apple has changed their developer agreement to require that all apps be written in C, C++ or Objective-C. This bans all other programming languages and runtimes from the iPhone OS. The reason is obvious: the iPhone API defines a lucrative platform which Apple wants to protect by eliminating any other platform from running on top. Some developers are pissed, while others don’t care. This is exactly the problem Microsoft faced when Java first appeared. If Java successfully supplanted the Windows API, then apps would be portable across OSes and MS would lose their franchise. Apple is (and always has been) considerably less open with their platforms, from desktops to iPods, than Microsoft. iTunes alone is an irritating middleman between developers and customers. So why is it that developers blast Microsoft for every minor business tactic, but act like starry-eyed groupies when Jobs prances around on stage? It’s time devs realized that Apple’s business practices are much worse than Microsoft ever was.

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