The iPad Experience

I am writing this using the WordPress app on an iPad. After one week I can add my 2 cents to the mountain of testimonials on owning an iPad. Since the iPad arrived I have not undocked my laptop. It has sat next to my desktop, used only for those hours when I need a real computer. But since the desktop is a better computer, the laptop remains underutilized. The iPad really is a nice device when sitting on the couch. The lack of Flash has been a persistent problem; otherwise, it works just fine. But is it worth $700? I’m not sure it is for me. I visit few sites on a daily basis (yet somehow waste an enormous amount of time there!). I don’t play games, don’t look at photos, don’t (regretfully) read books, and listen to music on my iPod. So this is a very expensive web browser for me. Maybe others find it more useful, but for me it hasn’t clicked yet. I’ll give it snot her week. FYI: typing this on the iPad keyboard was surprisingly easy. I can’t type anyway, so this wasn’t much slower than normal.


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