ASUS Ai Charger fails

[edit: I will test it again, perhaps with a new power supply.]

The Apple iPad does not charge via a Windows PC’s USB. ASUS provides an application called Ai Charger which directs ASUS motherboards to push more energy through USB to properly charge an iPad. I have an Asus P5B motherboard and 450W power supply on my homebrew computer. When I installed this iTunes could no longer synch nor recognize my iPad. Even after uninstalling the Charger I could not get iTunes to consistently recognize my iPad. On the rare occasion that it did, the backup process went for 12 hours before I finally killed it and gave up. The Level 2 support at Apple couldn’t figure it out and said repeatedly that he’d call me back within 48 hours with an engineer to work this out. A month passed and I’d given up. Finally, iTunes 10 came out and my iPad synchs again. Yay! I just now installed Ai Charger again and it caused the same damn problem. Thankfully, I uninstalled Charger and my iPad synchs again. I hope someone somewhere comes up with a powered USB hub that will charge the iPad, because ASUS software is lousy crap doesn’t work for me.



  1. AsusTEK_User

    It’s worked fine for me across 3 operating systems (xp-vista-7), 4 manufacturers (Toshiba, Asus, HP, and Dell), and with Asus and non-Asus mo-bo’s

    Its your configuration. Your motherboard probably doesn’t support powered USB ports without loss to data functionality. Don’t blame the software, blame your hardware.

  2. AsusOwnerSince90's

    Infact I would go further and suggest that many computers simply don’t have a stable strong power supply. Personally I didn’t realize the issues weak power can cause until I recently bought a 1000w PFC supply, and so many of the old problems I assumed were software/hardware related, infact weren’t at all. The truth is, our hardware performs magic when you consider we often don’t feed it enough clean power to use.

  3. Itworksforme

    Yes mine worked fine as well as many people in the office. We all have laptops, either Gateways or Dells. Have not heard of anyone I know that it did not work for.

  4. ADSventure

    AI Charger is working fine with my iPad. I no longer bring my iPad wall charger with me, just the cable. Got no problem in syncing with itunes either.

  5. ZC

    Success so far for me, but then I’m using an ASUS motherboard and a nice high-end Corsair 650-watt power supply.

    I suppose the lesson here is not to try to run this software on your Dell.

  6. Justin

    The Asus utility works great on my Dell XPS running Windows 7. Allows my iPad 2 to charge. Before I installed it- the computer did not provide enough power to charge it.

  7. curtis

    Funny that every one it “works” for has to harp on a post from Sept 2010. Were there any code updates that could have fixed the problem or were you guys just being smug?

  8. tech_engineer

    My ipod lost the sync capability after installing AI Charger on my Win7 x64, uninstalling.

    I also agree that this is a crap utility/functionality from asus also because it works only with ipod/iphone, i can’t chanrge my android with this feature

  9. Mazuko

    You don’t need this utility to charge android as it does it automatically via windows, at least for me. *Shrugs* This does work good for the ipad though I have to admit.

  10. Mike

    I haven’t tried syncing on this machine… I use my laptop for that… but my desktop (that I built, using an Asus P5W-DH) wasn’t providing enough power to charge… I installed Ai Charger… and now it does… after 5 minutes (yes, that’s all) of operation, it seems good… I bookmarked this page and will try to remember to come back to post an update in a few days…

  11. Mike

    I just posted… I am an EE… and thinking about it… I do understand why it doesn’t charge since i think USB is limited to 500mA and the ipad charger is like 2A… I’m surprised the Asus Ai app didn’t have a disclaimer… or maybe it did and i didn’t read it… as i said, USB i think is only for 500mA… and the ipad charger is over 2A. Hopefully it won’t kill my usb port! sure… the power supply and motherboard can provide the power (the extra power is trivial in terms of the PS is concerned), but it makes me wonder about the ICs used for the USB ports, and even the PCB traces used to supply the power… 500mA vs. 2A is a lot… maybe I’ll actually measure the current… nahh… too lazy… if it cooks it, I’ll buy a newer MB… this one is like 4 years old i think!

  12. Matt

    The MSI supercharger application is much better. I’m sure it will charge an iPhone or iPad easily as the program even allowed me to charge my Android phone very quickly.

  13. Terry g

    I don’t know man, maybe you got some drivers installed wrong or something. Cause it works just fine for me, iPad 2, iPhone 4 and first gen itouch all work great.
    I really like the fact I can start charging and turn my pc off and it keeps charging.

  14. Charles Windom Sr.

    Works for me. Lenovo T61 Windows 7 x86. iTunes syncing just fine. So now all I have to bring to work is my sync cable because I can now sync and charge using my cable and AiCharge utility.

  15. Dielle

    AiC worked beautifully. There is definitely a noticeable reduction in time it takes to charge my iPhone 4S. Simply amazing!

  16. Dimitri

    it doesnt work for me and nobody has yet to say how to fix the not syncing issue. if it works for you, great, but if not, give good advice on fixing the problem or stfu and gtfo

  17. Brandon

    At least it’s not as bad as me, this lousy software after installing it to my pc actually made all my USB ports to go screw themselves, now my keyboard and mouse don’t work in normal or safe mode so I can’t uninstall the damn thing, I have the Asus saber toothotherboard and a 1200w power supply, I know it’s not my pc cus it’s a fresh load of windows and a 5 grand pc, now yet again I actually have to reload my pc with yet another fresh load of windows so my usb actually works! Piece of shit software

  18. Francisco E. Cuello

    On XP, I installed ASUS ai Charger for my wife’s new iPad 2. Worked fine. But when I put an iPod, My computer reboots. The iPod not connected, Computer works fine…So I had to eliminate The ASUS ai Charger from my computer. iPod Works Fine. Has any body have this problem… What should I do? Thanks…

  19. Bekhruz khazratov

    I got ai charge, worked fine with my iPad 2 on my asus g53 sw in few minutes after installation I started getting blue screens. Then I uninstalled it. No blue screens any more, no charging and more. And no drivers to my USB HUB/ chipset. Can’t install any drivers to USB ports. Can’t use external mouse/flesh/thumb drives.

  20. Russ

    When it works, it works great, and for me it has worked every time. Always on Dell – XPS and Optiplex machines.It did take a surprising amount of time for the machine to reboot the first time upon installing the software (when it said to reboot to complete the installation process). Not sure what all goes on but it works for me.

  21. John

    Installed fine, but now when I boot my computer up (ASUS Sabertooth 990FX R2.0) I get a message that “AI Charger has stopped working and needs to close” even with no phone or pad plugged in. Also tried it with a fresh install of Win 7 64 bit same thing. Useless software if it can’t even boot up.

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