SSD Woes

I got a good deal on a 128GB Kingston SSD. It’s not terribly fast, but it’s OK. I’ve run a series of benchmarks using AS SSD (v1.6). Fresh out of the box it performs just as fast as review sites have claimed. The scores are Read: 48, Write: 74, Combined: 151. However, when I install Win7 and rerun the benchmark I get Read: 45, Write: 59, Combined: 126. The write performance falls substantially. In particular, sequential writes go from 217MB/s to 120MB/s. Write access time goes from .134ms to .222ms.

I actually RMA’ed my drive back to Kingston and just reran these benchmarks on the new drive they sent me. I get the exact same results. I’ve done all the tweaks I could find, updated the drivers, etc. I let the drive idle for a long time, hoping the GC would finish cleaning up. No luck, performance never improved. Oh well. If they send me my rebate check it won’t be too bad.


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