Bazaar Flow

Git flow is an implementation of a nice branching model for software development. I use Bazaar for private projects, but in a totally simplistic way. Here are notes to myself for using git flow with bzr. I’m quite certain I’m doing it wrong, so if anyone stumbles upon this post and has a better way of doing things I’d certainly appreciate the input.

To create lots of branches in bzr, it’s better to create a shared repository first. Go into that directory and make a branch that mirrors the main branch. Then make branches for develop and other features. After you’ve made some commits on a branch, go to the branch you want to merge the changes into. Then call merge from the feature branch into the main branch to add those commits. Fix any merge problems and call commit. This will not do a fast forward merge; instead, it preserves the branch info in the history.

  > bzr init-repo project
  > cd project
  > bzr branch /path/to/master 
  > bzr branch master develop
  > bzr branch develop feature1 
    ... hack on feature 1 ... 
  > cd develop
  > bzr merge ../feature1
  > bzr commit 

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