iOS 5 update ate my pictures

On vacation for the past month, I transferred pictures from my camera to my iPad using the camera connection kit. When I arrived home and synced, iTunes suggested I update to iOS 5. I thought the update process makes a backup anyway, so doing an update should be fine. Well, the update failed for some reason and no backup was made. My iPad is now in the restore state and the pictures are all lost.

Or are they? I assume the pictures are still on the drive somewhere. If I can somehow mount the drive I might be able to recover them. The jailbreak program greenpois0n published their exploit code called syringe. It says that the jailbreak can expose the filesystem. If I can mount the filesystem in Linux, perhaps using libimobiledevice, I can scan the drive and recover the pictures. There’s some technical information on iOS and jailbreaking available here. This is one of those rare moments when my CS degree may actually be useful.



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  2. addn

    how ironic; iOS 5 would have provided the iCloud
    for the backup needed to avoid the data loss
    that awaited some accepting an upgrade to iOS 5 .

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