Upgrading Ubuntu to 11.10

I run various versions of Ubuntu within VMware. Every single time I let it do a full upgrade to a new version it fails. This time an upgrade from 11.04 to 11.10 failed to reboot. Here’s the problem and solution. This is my first look at Ubuntu’s Unity. Generally I don’t care about the desktop because I live in Emacs. However, this is a colossally bad UI experience. Suddenly the firestorm of complaints about Unity make a lot more sense. I’ll keep trying it for a little while. If I still hate it in a week I’ll switch back to Gnome.



  1. Linear Fix

    Try installing updates from the Update Manager, I found the sidebar kept interfering in the new Ubuntu but it’s gone when I use Firefox in full screen patched with the latest Ubuntu updates.

  2. Eric Hanchrow (@ehanchrow)

    Gnome3 (aka Unity) finally drove me to learn Xmonad. At first it seemed absurd to have to run ghc to compile my config settings … but it turns out the only non-standard setting I needed was to move all the action off of the Meta key (which belongs to Emacs as laid out in Deuteronomy) and onto the WIndows key. I like it!

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