Ubuntu Software Center UI issues

I’ve loaded Precise into VMware (2GB, 2 cores). In 30 minutes I’ve run across so many UI idiosyncrasies in Software Center that I can’t remember them all. Here’s a short list:

  • When I installed git, it didn’t change it’s status to installed until I moved to another screen and back.
  • When I went back to see git, it had a “Buy…” button. When I clicked elsewhere and back again, it changed to “Remove”. 
  • It’s so slow. I doubt it’s VMware because other GUIs respond just fine. 
  • It’s constantly bringing up a new debconf window that appears for a few seconds in my launcher. 
  • The back/forward arrows don’t work sometimes. I did a search, clicked a package, then I couldn’t go back to the result page because the history disappeared (back arrow no longer clickable). 
  • It’s always refreshing the screen. I queued the removal of all default games. While I was looking at another package, it kept refreshing the whole screen again and again. 
  • The window just uses space poorly. A search gives you a list of packages on the left side, leaving a vast amount of lonely white space on the right side. They could have used that to show more info, improve search (tags cloud, refine search), list dependencies, whatever. 

One comment

  1. Zachariah Callaway

    I find that every time I install a package from dotdeb.com that the Ubuntu software center starts up. I don’t like that either. It’s alot slower than the old install window. So I’m going switch to Solus Os.

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