Why I still won’t use Windows

TL;DR: It’s the service and hardware vendors that suck, not the OS.

I upgraded a family member’s computer to Windows 10. It went smoothly and the new OS UI seems fine. The laptop is a Dell XPS 12 (2013). Overall it’s an OK computer if touch is your thing. In doing this I discovered a lot of strange behavior in the hardware/OS interaction that was there before Win10. Things like (1) the computer suddenly wakes from sleep and drains the battery. (2) The USB port that does NOT support Powershare still provides power when the computer is asleep. (3) All the Power Plans have disappeared. And so on…

I expect problems with computers. The issue is it is damn near impossible for a novice to find a solution. In this case, even I can’t solve these problems. The support from the hardware and OS vendors is near non-existent. The forums are filled with dumbasses giving partial or incorrect answers. The OS doesn’t offer many clues. I’ve wasted far too much time searching for solutions.

Honestly, for most people Mac OSX is nothing special, except it Just Works. People spend 90% of their day in the browser anyway. Being able to walk into an Apple Store and have a “Genius” fix simple problems is a killer feature. AFAIK there is nothing comparable for Windows nor any consumer hardware vendor. Dell’s XPS support was never useful. Best Buy’s Geek Squad is a royal ripoff. ($70 to fix your email!) If Microsoft can’t entice hardware vendors to do a less shitty job they will continue to lose market share to simpler devices. The jury is still out on the Surface.

Google’s ChromeOS is the right idea, but still falls short. What can it do that can’t be done with a tablet + keyboard? Most people would rather get the latter. Some people still require extra software to connect to work and run work applications (like WebEx or Excel/PPT or VPNs). Those applications are ported to iOS/Android before ChromeOS. Also, the Chrome hardware is mostly $300 plastic garbage, plus the expensive Pixel.

Apple wins because their service is fantastic (IME), their hardware/OS combo Just Works, and OS X is good enough. Microsoft loses because even if Win10 were perfect, the service is abysmal and the hardware/OS combo is atrocious. The Surface might solve the last point. ChromeOS is in the middle because the hardware/OS just works, there is no service (AFAIK), and the OS might be just short of good enough for some people. A tablet + keyboard is better than ChromeOS for most people because iOS/Android has more apps.