I Lost My Wallet in El Segundo

Actually I lost my wallet in Venice, CA, but no one wrote a song about that. So what do you do if you lose your wallet while traveling? I had no government ID, no credit/debit cards and no cash. Nothing. Luckily I was traveling with a friend, but if I were alone I’d be screwed. Credit cards were sent to me in 2 days. They would not send debit cards to me, only to my home address.

To get through the TSA without ID it helps to have anything that confirms your identity. I had my new credit cards. FYI: I had a copy of my passport, but they didn’t want copies of anything. Tell the TSA agent you have no ID. They will call a supervisor over. It took a while for the guy to show up, so go to the airport early. You put your name/address on a document. Then they call some other office, give them your info and they ask some questions. I was asked for the last 4-digits of my home phone. Then my previous address (I didn’t remember the zip code). They asked for the name of a close relative. I offered my dad’s name. Then they asked for his birthday. I don’t remember anyone’s birthday; however, it happened to be my dad’s birthday and my phone alert had gone off that morning. I only remember his age because he hit a milestone the previous year. So some quick math and I had his birthdate right. I went through security and then had more checking. They did a quick pat down, the bomb residue test on me and my luggage. They didn’t search anything. Although I look like a terrorist, the whole thing was fine.

In the future, I need to pack some backup. I should leave a debit card in my luggage so I can get cash and buy things. For some reason the TSA guy asked for that, so it might be a more legit form of identity. If you look at the list of valid ID, I only have a passport but I don’t carry it for domestic travel. It might be worth getting a Global Entry card as a backup ID. Alternatively, maybe the state will give me another non-driving ID even if I already have a driver’s license. I can just leave that in my luggage.